Symptoms that can be eleviated by Hypnosis

If you have suffered from fear of something that leads to avoidance of it then you could benefit from a phobia treatment. The treatment is gentle and does not force you to face your fear until you are ready and we aim only for the goals you set. The average treatment takes between 2 and 3 sessions, although it can take longer and has been known to work in a single session. we generally use techniques based in the behavioural school of psychotherapy. We also use techniques from Neuro Linguistic programming in addition to traditional hypnotherapy methods.

single session treatment which can break the habit now and forever. A number of different techniques can be employed to suit the individual including traditional habit breaking, aversion, neuro linguistic programming and others. Whatever your motivation is, we have a technique that can help. As hypnosis works best with motivated people we suggest that you consider hard how ready you are to give up, what your reasons for giving up are and what you will do with all that extra time and money. If you have reservations about giving up you should discuss this further with us.


A long term therapy with three sessions in the first month to get you started and then ongiong support at intervals you see fit. We will teach you the skills to help you to control your eating, to enjoy healthier foods and help you find the time and motivation to exercise. As with all good weight control techniques we will not only want to give you the ability to attain your target weight, we also aim to give you the skills to maintain that weight.


Abuse Guilt Public Speech
Abuse Guilt Public Speech
Addiction Headaches Relaxation
Allergies IBS Resentment
Anger Independence Self-control
Anxiety Inhibitions Self-esteem
Assertiveness Insomnia Shame
Asthma Memory Shyness
Blushing Motivation Skin Problems
Claustrophobia Nail-biting Slimming
Compulsions Nervousness Smoking
Concentration Nightmares Sports Focus
Confidence Obsessions Stammering
Creativity Overeating Stress
Depression Pain Control Study Habits
Drinking Panic Attacks Twitching
Exam Nerves Performance Undereating
Goal Setting Phobias  
Grief Positivity + lots more

When we buy a complicated new appliance we expect it to come with a manual detailing the different features and how they work. What could be more complex than a living person? 

People have no manuals but we are blessed with a wide array of natural abilities that when properly harnessed these enable us to make changes in our lives that can exceed our wildest expectations.

Martin Roberts is an experienced and passionate therapist who has worked with a diverse range of people from many different backgrounds with the goal of helping them take control of their own lives and eliminate stress, phobias and an almost limitless list of other complaints in the process.

A Diploma qualified and registered psychotherapist and hypnotherapist, Martin employs the abundant resources of a client's subconscious mind to help them work through their issue in a remarkably rapid goal centred environment.

Mobile: +34 656 732738  call Martin today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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