Cost of Services 

Smoking Cessation / LCCH Protocol 
(Single 1hr 30 mins. session) 150.00 Euros fixed fee

Part Smoking Cessation Protocol / Modified Watkins-Marlatt Protocol
(5 x 3/4 to 11/2  hour sessions including being taught self hypnosis, coping strategies & tools, anti anxiety techniques, after cessation booster session -
(Smoking Cessation script on session 4.)
400.00 Euros fixed fee payable with session one
The highest sucess rate of any smoking cessation technique scientifically researched 67% @ 6 months

Initial Consultation
30-45 mins assesment of presenting symptoms and case history 
40.00 Euros fixed fee

General Hypnotherapy 1 hour session 
80.00 Euros - charged pro-rata 1/4hr units

Unemployed, retired (in receipt of state pension), student, long term sick.
Initial consultation
 30 Euros fixed fee
1 hour session 60.00 Euros - charged pro-rata 1/4hr units

Break Through Sessions
Sessions of 2 hour plus duration designed to rapidly advance a patients treatment.
70.00 Euros per hour agreed in advance of treatment.

Pro-Bono sessions 
(No Charge) may be granted at the therapists discretionbsch_logo_textcrest_151_98               

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